Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She said "I Do"

Mr. & Mrs. Brinkman
Congratulations to my sister and Eric!!! They TIED the KNOT this past Saturday!! I am very happy for her, Eric, and Tori!! I pray that God will bless them as a couple in their marriage and as a family! The Rose ceremony was Beautiful! Thanks to Eric's sister, Julie, for having their wedding at her house! :-) Everything turned out GREAT! :-D


I am soo excited because I have a new car!! :-)

I am also excited for my hubby because he got a new job that he starts next week!! I will surely miss our morning and afternoon commutes (esp. afternoon HOV lane lol) but well we know that we dont want to miss any more evening time with our Peanut Pie so we're happy! I am very thankful to God for blessing us with what He has. I thank Him everyday and will continue to pray and have faith in Him as he guides us through life!

Monday, April 5, 2010


This was our first Easter out 'n' about with Evan! :-) It was sooo exciting!! He just turned ONE and he's walking! So that was soo fun to watch and help him hunt eggs for his basket!