Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Opportunity

I would LOVE to start my own business as a party accessorizer (if thats a word) lol.. I ENJOY doing any type of scrapbooking/paper cutting.. I've done all invitations for my son's baptism, bday party, and have even done invitations for friends and family.. however, I surly havnt started charging! LOL This is something I've been hoping to pursue with time but I've jus been procrastinating... I've created my new website of Party Accessories/Decor so I have some example and show an idea of what I can do. I would like to get some things goin so that I could have my own business up and goin one day... If you or anyone YOU know is in need of Party Accessories such as invitations, centerpieces, party favors, favor bags.. I'd be HAPPY to get together things for you and your next party/event! Check out my link that I have listed to the left side of my blog underneath LOVE MY LINKS!

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