Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evan's 5th Birthday - NFL Theme

My first baby boy has turned 5! I was so excited to do get his party together! He loves sports and plays baseball, so yes I have a little jock in the making! But I do not mind one bit! Here's what his party consisted of :) He had a ball, even though the weather wasn't so great, it didn't dampen his day! Thank God! :)
NFL Sweets Table

Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Cupcakes

Water Bottles Labeled and Party Favor Cups for the Kids

His Birthday Cake :)

 Seahawks Face paint!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Been A While.. Okay more than a while...

I've finally gotten access to my old Blog! So seems that its already been THREE whole years since my last post! Wow! Oh how things have changed! I won't get into detail of the last few years however just a quick overview. My baby is now my big boy at 4 years old and a big brother to his 2 year old Brother! It's a new year and I'm going to try my best to keep up to date on this blog! Please like and share my page with friends :) I look forward to projects, parties and so much more to post here on my Blog. Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I sure have a lot of cleaning up to do on here!! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's goin on....

The holidays came and went! My birthday has passed and I am now 27 years old!! Woooo! I'm gettin up there! LOL :-p I'm just about 4 months along in my pregnancy and I'm doing great! I feel great. :) Theres so many more things coming our way and we have all kinds of planning to do :D One month til I find out if I'm having a boy or a girl :-p I CANNNNN'T wait!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holidays are here!!

The holidays are HERE!! Christmas is jus a couple weeks away and I still have YET to start my shopping! Eeek!!! I need to get a move on it!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Annelise and Johnny's Wedding

We had a fantastic weekend in Austin this past weekend!! It was great... We got to stay and visit my tia and tio in Round Rock. While there we went to one of my best friends wedding :-) It turned out GORGEOUS!! She looked beautiful as the rest of her wedding did!! :-) I'm very excited for her and Johnny and I wish them the very best in life and in their marriage!! :)

Exciting News!!!

Im am sooo excited to say we are expecting baby #2!!! Evan's gona be a big brother!! Yaaaay!!! Im due July 11th 2011 :) I cant wait to find out the sex of the baby so we can start to plan out everythng and begin the baby shoppin!! :-) I'm hoping for a healthy baby of course.. however I'd love to have another lil boy so Evan can have a lil brother to play with :D but if its a girl... well I'm gna have a GOOD ol' time dressin her and foofying her up jus like mama hehehe!! :-p

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nap Time!

My lil monkey was EXHAUSTED after a few hours at The Galleria! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Opportunity

I would LOVE to start my own business as a party accessorizer (if thats a word) lol.. I ENJOY doing any type of scrapbooking/paper cutting.. I've done all invitations for my son's baptism, bday party, and have even done invitations for friends and family.. however, I surly havnt started charging! LOL This is something I've been hoping to pursue with time but I've jus been procrastinating... I've created my new website of Party Accessories/Decor so I have some example and show an idea of what I can do. I would like to get some things goin so that I could have my own business up and goin one day... If you or anyone YOU know is in need of Party Accessories such as invitations, centerpieces, party favors, favor bags.. I'd be HAPPY to get together things for you and your next party/event! Check out my link that I have listed to the left side of my blog underneath LOVE MY LINKS!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer is Here!!!

Well it is the 1st of JUNE!!! Summer is well not "officially" here but well Its SUMMER TIME :D I had a great Memorial weekend relaxing and spending time with my loves Evan and Marcus :D Its been like 2 weeks since I last blogged! :/ My burn is healing pretty good thankfully.. Evan is LOOVING this summer heat.. lol well being able to swim in the pool that is! I am sooo excited that he LOOVES swimming!! We got him this lil tube to sit in and he loves it but LOOVES to be hanging off of me and Marcus! We will definitly be making a trip or two to Schlitterbahn this summer!! Last year he was too lil to be enjoyin the summer :-p but this year he sure will!! :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How am I coming along....

Well lets see... I did great all last week and this week eating me my "Lean Cuisine" meals for lunch. For dinner well, I had not the most healthy, but I did make sure to watch my portion sizes! :-) This week I've done good in the mornings for breakfast eating toast and oatmeal then lunches have been good except Monday when I ate Chipotle for lunch, however like I said when I eat "unhealthy" I watch my portion size so I only ate "1/2" of the bowl so that was good :) I weighed myself April 22nd and then again April 30th (a week later) and I lost 2 lbs :) yaaay! I have to weigh myself again tomorrow to see how I did this week.(okay okay and on the weekends I cheated big time!!) lol but well weekdays are sooo much easier to follow!! I hope I stayed at those 2lbs lost or lost more but well I sure wont be surprised if I gained them back.. If I did I better try HARDER! Lets see what this scale says.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!!

I had a great weekend!! Started with having dinner with my sister on Friday evening. Saturday was a very chill n relaxing day for us! It was nice to not be runnin around for a change lol Saturday evening was nice to go and hang out with my really good friend Annelise and her fiance and his cousin Travis n Marche to watch the Mosley v. Mayweather fight. Evan went and showed his sillyness to them since Annelise hadnt seen him only heard the things he does hehehee... Sunday was the love of my life's birthday!!! :-) we spent the day in Galveston with my inlaws eating at a restaurant called Salsas off of the Seawall! I hadnt been to Galveston in MANY MANY years! So the day was perfect to go!! Plus it was Evan's first trip to the Beach and he LOVED it!!! I was afraid he'd be scared of the waves and sand texture but nope he did GREAT! Boy was he drained when we left! :-) We definitly have to take more trips this summer to the beach!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She said "I Do"

Mr. & Mrs. Brinkman
Congratulations to my sister and Eric!!! They TIED the KNOT this past Saturday!! I am very happy for her, Eric, and Tori!! I pray that God will bless them as a couple in their marriage and as a family! The Rose ceremony was Beautiful! Thanks to Eric's sister, Julie, for having their wedding at her house! :-) Everything turned out GREAT! :-D


I am soo excited because I have a new car!! :-)

I am also excited for my hubby because he got a new job that he starts next week!! I will surely miss our morning and afternoon commutes (esp. afternoon HOV lane lol) but well we know that we dont want to miss any more evening time with our Peanut Pie so we're happy! I am very thankful to God for blessing us with what He has. I thank Him everyday and will continue to pray and have faith in Him as he guides us through life!

Monday, April 5, 2010


This was our first Easter out 'n' about with Evan! :-) It was sooo exciting!! He just turned ONE and he's walking! So that was soo fun to watch and help him hunt eggs for his basket!