Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!!

I had a great weekend!! Started with having dinner with my sister on Friday evening. Saturday was a very chill n relaxing day for us! It was nice to not be runnin around for a change lol Saturday evening was nice to go and hang out with my really good friend Annelise and her fiance and his cousin Travis n Marche to watch the Mosley v. Mayweather fight. Evan went and showed his sillyness to them since Annelise hadnt seen him only heard the things he does hehehee... Sunday was the love of my life's birthday!!! :-) we spent the day in Galveston with my inlaws eating at a restaurant called Salsas off of the Seawall! I hadnt been to Galveston in MANY MANY years! So the day was perfect to go!! Plus it was Evan's first trip to the Beach and he LOVED it!!! I was afraid he'd be scared of the waves and sand texture but nope he did GREAT! Boy was he drained when we left! :-) We definitly have to take more trips this summer to the beach!!

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  1. =) I am SO glad ya'll were able to come watch the fight with was so good seeing ya'll. Evan is the most precious baby! Let's not wait so long to see eachother next time ;)